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1489312On November 20, 1940, a Musical tea was held at East 86th Street (the home of Sis. Mittie Davis at which time $3.10 was raised) by a group of Messiah Baptist Church, who left because of dissension and sought to organize another Baptist Church. The following Wednesday, another gathering was held at the home of Bro. and Sis. James A. Thomas, 2192 East 73rd Street, at which time the nucleus of the St. Timothy Baptist Church  (named by Sis. Blanche Newsome) was formed.  Setups for the organization of Sunday School and B.Y.P.U. Departments were also made.

On December 5, 1940, the organization wand establishment of St. Timothy Baptist Church and the installation of Rev. Henry Grady Lyons as Pastor were held through the courtesy of Rev. J. C. Walker at Sardis Baptist Church.

Baptismal services were held at Sardis Baptist Church with Communion and Fellowship services held the following Sunday, December 7, 1940 at the Cedar Y.M.C.A.  The first Board of Deacons consisted of seven deacons and two on probation.  A formal agreement was reached the deacons were to serve as trustees.

Properly organized were, a finance committee, which consisted of three people, Sunday School S

uperintendent and B.Y.P.Y. President.

Services were held at the Cedar Y.M.C.A. East 77th Street at Cedar Avenue on Sunday Mornings, at a cost of $5.00 per Sunday.  Prayer services were held in parishioners homes.

February 12, 1941-Articles of Incorporation filed by Rev. Henry Grady Lyons with Dr. James Riley as Statutory Agent.

When the Y.M.C.A. was razed, Sunday morning and evening services were held at John E. Hubbard Memorial Hall, Inc. East 84th and Cedar Avenue.  The last temporary meeting place was the third floor of the Friendship Baptist Church on East 55th Street and Central Avenue (Rev. Benjamin J. Perkins was the Pastor).

In 1942, the congregation of the Independent Presbyterian Church at 7101 Carnegie Avenue was seeking to relocate.  Members of St. Timothy began negotiating for the purchase of the property.  Then on February 21, 1943, God’s true and faithful servants marched proudly in their present home.  Rev. N. Sylvester Williams,  preached the first sermon.

With a growing number of converts, a baptismal pool was a priority since the church’s baptizing services were held at Sardis Baptist Church and East Mount Zion Baptist Church.  In 1944, the Naomi Circle undertook the project of installing a pool in the lower sanctuary.  Baptismal attire was furnished by the Martha Circle.  The Ladies Lounge was set up and furnished by the Naomi Circle.  The First Aide Room was set up by Sis. Mary Riley.  Main Body Missionary projects included: Yearly donations to Red Feather Agencies (Ward’s Home For Aged, Phyllis Wheatley, and Mary B. Talbert Home).  Church membership in 1947 were approximately 250 members.

Rev. Henry Grady Lyons died on July 26, 1947, 1947 after six and one-half years as Pastor.  A few weeks before his demise, Bro. J. C. Osborne was elected as the first Chairman of the Board of Deacons.

Succeeding Rev. Lyons was Rev. John T. Weeden, who formerly pastored the Eastern Star Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, Having been called to the pastorate of St. Timothy in December 1947, he officially began his ministry here on the first Sunday in February, 1948.

On October 26, 1975, the Women’s Day Liquidation Drive climaxed Drive climaxed with their paying the balance of the church mortgage, what was paid in full on October 31, 1975.

On Sunday, October 21, 1984, St. Timothy found it necessary to close its doors in order to have repairs made to the foundation and its overall structure.  Services were held at the Progressive District building from October 23, 1984-June 2, 1985.  With only a few minor repairs to be completed, St. Timothy reopened its doors on Sunday, June 9, 1985.  Services were held in then Gladys Mae Weeden Memorial Hall (the lower auditorium).  On Sunday, October 13, 1985 with all repairs completed, the congregation moved into the upper sanctuary.

St. Timothy added a Storehouse, which supplied food for the needy, with the late Mollie Brown as the first chairperson.  The church added a Hot Meal for the Needy program which is served the last Wednesday of the month.

During the more than forty and one half years of his pastorate, the late John The Weeden Sr., served St. Timothy and the community in an understanding and memorable manner.  Pastor Weeden ordained several ministers who later became Pastors.  His death, September 17, 1988 ended a glorious period in the history of the church which will not be forgotten.

Following Rev. Weeden’s demise, Rev. Tyree Williams, Assistant Minister of St. Timothy was chosen as interim Pastor from September1988-June 1989.  Rev. Williams became the third pastor June 8, 1989 becoming the third Pastor in the nearly forty-nine year existence.

November 12, 1989 dedicated the former parsonage as an Education Center, named after the late John T. Weeden.  August 1990 the elevator was installed, May 1993 history was made when the church purchased robes for all choirs.  The robes were dedicated, June 1993.

Under Rev. Williams pastorate, Ministers were called to be Pastors,  some ordained and licensed, deacons and trustees were added including women trustees.

Other accomplishments of St. Timothy since 1989:

  • Established 8:00 a.m. service, Youth Orientation Ministry began
  • Angel Tree; Memorial Plaque, Sunday Prayer Warriors
  • New Member Photo Case; Event Display Cabinet
  • Land purchased on East 71st Street for additional parking
  • Purchased an Educational Building where the church office is located, purchased new office furniture and new tables and chairs
  • Thursday Morning Bible Class
  • Completed Parking lot work, and annex walkway, and wrought iron fences all around the building
  • Hosted a seven week financial Seminar
  • The Pastor’s Study was enlarged in 1999
  • Partitions were added in the educational building to make separate classrooms
  • Golf Outing established, Bro. Greg Nailing and Bro. Cecil Butler, Facilitators
  • $5000 donation from the late Sis. Mary Alice Clayton for the new sound system in memory of her brother, Madison Alford, Jr.
  • All Choirs banquet organized by the late Bro. Chellis Madison’
  • Renovated ladies restroom and added a restroom facility for the handicap, and replaced tables in the Gladys Mae Weeden Hall
  • Installed a Security Booth in the parking lot
  • New information booklet for new members, adopted a Nursing Home for outreach ministry
  • Added a storage room in the church for Hot Food storage under the direction of trustee Florine Crutcher
  • Sinai Project presented to Congregation, Table & Mirror in vestibule, donated by the Lydia Circle
  • All Tithes Day
  • Enclosed Drum Area
  • Purchased lot on 71st and Carnegie for additional parking, 2007 installed fence and dedicated in the memory of Sis. Iona Elder
  • Senior Usher Board #1 renovated the kitchen, Dancing In Grace Ministry (A Praise Dancers Ministry for adults)
  • The first Official Portrait of the late Pastor Williams presented at his `17th Pastoral Appreciation Celebration.
  • Retirement Celebration for Bro. Palmer Parker, Church Custodian

Outreach Evangelism is continuing here at St. Timothy where we canvass the neighbor- hood periodically searching for lost souls.  Each year at Vacation Bible School our Evangelistic Committee Canvass the neighborhood for young ones to minister too.

Our last active charter member, Sis. Rose Ora Parker, church historian passed, November 9, 2007.

 Thus stands St. Timothy Baptist Church today, the realization of a dream seventy-two years past; a fitting memorial to those now deceased; a challenges to its membership today